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Ac Service Melbourne

Since 1986, Dave and Mastro Air and Heat Inc. provide unsurpassed services to their customers. Along with 42 years of experience and NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified technician, we assure you to provide the finest AC services in the town. Our employees are insured, licensed, and bonded, giving you another reason to trust us and choose us. So rather than search for “AC installation services near me” on Google, give Dave and Master Air and Heat Inc. a chance to help you out. We have the most reliable and reputable Melbourne air conditioning installers.

Services provided:

  1. Installation of AC: Being the leading AC installation company in Melbourne, our trained technicians can install Air conditioners of any brand without facing any difficulty. Our employees can install outdoors and indoor units effortlessly. Not only this, but the qualified Melbourne Air Conditioning installers will guide you where you should mount your AC to get the maximum benefit from it. And don’t worry about building walls’ shape and size; just let our professional technician handle it.
  2. Repairment of AC: no matter how big or small your AC unit is, our certified technician can repair every size, brand, and model of AC with great expertise. With 42 years of experience, our technicians have a solution for all kinds of faults, from complex mechanical issues to clogged filters and pipes. Being the top of the line AC installation company in Melbourne, we are available to serve you throughout the year in the best possible way.
  3. Servicing AC: the best way to prevent your AC from damaging is to regularly get it serviced from the unexcelled Melbourne AC installation company. Usually, within a passage of time, dirt and debris are caught up in the Air Conditioner unit, reducing AC’s working efficiency. By hiring our expert technicians to service your air conditioning system regularly, you reduce the risk of damaging your air conditioner for a prolonged time.
  4. Seasonal maintenance: we also provide seasonal services to check if your AC is functioning properly. In case of any repair required, we fix things accordingly. Our worker will look into all the system controls to make sure that your AC is functioning properly. They will lubricant all the essential moving components to increase their lifespan and efficiency by reducing friction. They will also inspect your thermostat to ensure that your AC has an ideal operating system. So you need to relax and hire our skillful technician to get it all done. Seasonal maintenance will increase the lifespan of your AC and will conserve electricity too.
  5. Cooling Specific Maintenance: Our technician can clean air conditioning coils and evaporators, measure the refrigerant level in the central AC, adjust the blower components, and much more.
  6. Heating Specific Maintenance: our company does not only deal with Cooling units, but we also repair and maintain heating units too. Our NATE certified technician can test all oil and gas connections, gas pressure, burner combustion, and heat exchanger.

Contact Dave and Mastro Air and Heat for service or inspection and quotation: (321) 777-2664.

Ac Service Melbourne

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Ac Service Melbourne

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