Article provided by: Drake Lighting, Inc.

Aircraft Warning Lights

Aircraft warning lights are very important because they help aircrafts avoid collisions by marking structures that occupy airspace. This is especially important during the night or during times where there is low visibility so that aircrafts know to avoid a tall structure. Not only is it necessary for the safety of others but it is a requirement by the FAA to mark tall structures. Drake Lighting provides aircraft warning lights that are FAA compliant to fit all of your needs.

How tall does a structure have to be to need an aircraft warning light?

A structure that is 200 feet or taller must be marked with a warning light. This is a requirement by the FAA. Towers that are smaller may also need to be marked. This depends on the structure and its location. Different states may have different requirements so make sure to check your state’s requirements.

What type of lighting will I need and how many?

This depends on how tall the structure is. In general, if the structure is 147 ft or smaller, you will need 1 level of low intensity lighting. If the building is between 147 ft and 344 ft, you will need 2 levels of lighting. The top level should be medium intensity, and the intermediate level should be low intensity.

What if I need a specific aircraft warning light?

Drake Lighting provides lights that are different intensities. We have medium and high intensity lights that are all different styles. We also offer different types of lights depending on the type of structure that needs to be marked. We offer broadcasting, telecom, utility, and wind turbine lighting. 

Why should I choose Drake Lighting aircraft warning signs?

All of our products are certified by the FAA, so you can be sure that all of your products will be of great quality and will function as they should. Our lights are easy to install, are high powered LEDs which have a longer life span and will save you energy compared to conventional lighting. Our lights also come with a 5-year parts warranty to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

How effective are aircraft warning lights?

Aircraft warning lights are good at helping pilots avoid tall structures. While aviation charts have tall structures mapped out, they sometimes are not mapped quickly enough, especially in larger cities that are growing rapidly. In situations where an aircraft is flying at lower altitudes, aircraft warning lights are useful for visibility. 

Another way in which aircraft warning lights can be be useful is that they can help pilots with navigation. The type of lighting pattern, the number, and the spacing of the warning light can give the pilot an indication of how tall a tower might be. This can help pilots identify the different towers and can give them an idea of where they are. 

Drake Lighting is here to help you with your aircraft warning light needs. Make sure you can ask any questions necessary and check in with your state’s regulations.