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Radon Mitigation Saskatoon

Most people will test their home for radon at the beginning of their stay, then forget to schedule a retest in subsequent years. Did your home test positive for exceedingly high radon levels? It is better to worry about reducing the value to the lowest possible value instead of ignoring it as a safe test. Our radon testing service will address several issues so we can make your home safe again. Here is all you need to learn about radon remediation in Saskatoon.

Frequently-Asked Questions about radon remediation

What is radon mitigation?

Radon mitigation is the procedure of decreasing radon gas in your home to a standard below the 4.0 picocuries per liter limit. The mitigation systems prevent radon from getting into the house with active or passive systems. The active mitigation process fans the radon to the outside, while the passive mitigation system gives the same result without a fan.

Passive mitigation systems are standard for new constructions. We recommend not removing the procedure to install an active one if the current radon level is above 8. Recommended radon mitigation companies will use the active system to remove radon while giving your family the safest environment aggressively.

Is radon testing in Saskatoon worth the investment?

The better question is, ‘How much is your health worth? ‘The good news is there are several affordable solutions to reduce radon.

What determined the type of radon mitigation system we use?

Several different types of radon mitigation will suit other properties. The choice depends on the following factors:

  • The type of foundation, such as basement, crawl space or slab-on-grade
  • The level of radon in the home, to determine between the active or passive versions
  • Amount of cracks that need sealing
  • The air quality of the home

How long does the installation take?

We can complete the removal process in one day. The typical duration for most properties is three to five hours. Certain factors affect the total length of radon mitigation:

  • The available crawl space
  • Absence or presence of a fan system
  • Number of sump pumps
  • Number of suction points

Should you maintain the mitigation system?

Radon mitigation in Saskatoon will have a reasonably self-sufficient setup. Unlike chimneys and furnaces, most systems have a warning device to warn you in the event of malfunctions. We may need to maintain the system in the following ways:

  • Maintain the fan every couple of years as a general rule of keeping the physical function of the system
  • Periodic inspection of the outside vent
  • Changing the interior vent at least twice a year

Do new homes need our radon remediation in Saskatoon?

Some properties have a radon system in the construction. You can book an appointment for radon gas inspections in Saskatoon to learn more about installing or upgrading the radon mitigation near Saskatoon SK. You will not notice any difference in the property when installing a better system but will enjoy a notable difference in air quality and health. Get in touch with us on 306-380-9161 for any ventilation, AC, heating, radon testing, and mitigation queries.

Radon Mitigation Saskatoon

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